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Don’t waste good taste(™)! There’s nothing happier than looking forward to an event, but it can be tough to face the aftermath. You spend countless days and dollars sourcing gorgeous decorations, and then they are abandoned after only a few hours’ use. This is where After My Event comes in. 

We’re an online marketplace for buying and reselling event goods in your local community. Our platform enables any host to create a luxurious celebration, affordably and sustainably. If you’re a seller, your finery can be repurposed quickly and easily. If you’re a buyer, you can find discounted event decor with a click. 

After our big Napa wedding, I struggled to find an event-specific commerce site — and I really needed one. I spent an eternity searching for decor at antique fairs and on websites. I invested in everything from flip flops to parasols, and none of it ever saw the sun again. I soon became a mother and volunteer, hosting school fundraisers, baby showers, you name it. You can imagine the stuff stacked up in our attic.  - Melissa

I love to host parties, fundraisers, and celebrate all the holidays!  Faithfully, I seek out stylish tablescapes and inspired themes.  Gathering the decor to "complete the look,"  however, is a hectic mix of raiding rental spots, hitting up specialty shops, and asking friends to comb through their closets. And the next day… my husband drives around town to return friends’ borrowed items and we struggle to carve out a corner in the crawlspace to store everything.  I knew there needed to be a better way to go from inspiration to celebration, and ultimately relocation, of beautiful party decor. - Amy

Now there is an answer.  We believe you can love parties and the planet. 
Cheers to your next fabulous event!


Melissa Hamilton                                      Amy Jasmer
Original Founder, After My Event            Co-Founder, After My Event

Meet Team AME

Melissa Hamilton


Expertise in Marketing and Finance for top Fortune 500  technology companies in the Bay Area. Original founder of AME.


Amy Jasmer


Amy Jasmer is a proven leader with expertise in PR and engagement marketing to build award-winning campaigns, and partnerships with cultural icons.

Amy Jasmer